Sunday, October 30, 2016

Story: Hidden Shame


By Tcheser

Shannon loved to have her friends over to play cards with her on the weekend. They had so much much fun talking, drinking and laughing together. However when her friends Margo, Mindy, and Taylor came over to play this particular weekend they found that Shannon had a new housekeeper. A mousy little thing in an icky blue polyester uniform, apron and canvas sneakers. Her name was Jenny they learned and though she seemed somewhat familiar, none of them could place her. She kept to herself and stayed in the kitchen waiting to be called.

When Shannon's friends finally left that evening, Jenny the maid emerged from the kitchen and went about cleaning up the ladies' tea cups and plates. She thanked her lucky stars that she had not been recognized. For a little over a year ago she had been a completely different person.

Back then Jenny was known as Genevieve and used to strut around like the Queen of Sheba. Everyone she met thought at first that she had to be some kind of celebrity. She had a great mass of gleaming wavy blond hair, a model perfect face and the sexiest body imaginable with abundant curves in all the right places. Her cleavage was legendary, as was her firm bottom, perfect neck and gorgeous legs. In her heels she towered over everyone and looked down on them like unwashed peasants. She was resplendent, but cold as ice.

Then one day she finally received the comeuppance she so richly deserved for her hubris. She and those she considered her hangers-on, Margo, Mindy, Taylor and Shannon, had just finished a splendid day of shopping at the high end mall in town and were headed out to have drinks at a club Genevieve promised to get them into. She was just going through the automatic door to the outside, bragging about how the bouncers would surely let HER in but they might have to slip him some cash to let THEM in, when it suddenly closed on her, trapping her by the back of her dress and her hair. Her "friends" rushed around through another door and tried to pull her free, but discovered that the door had too strong a grip on her. Furious Genevieve demanded they find someone to get her out of this situation immediately.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Story: The New Regime

By Tcheser

The Servile Revolution was celebrating its five year anniversary when Marta was made house manager to the first citizen. The tales of her rather miserable existence as a sweat shop worker prior to the revolution had made her most desirable to his administration and offered the position she humbly accepted it vowing to do everything she could for the downtrodden and oppressed.

The position of house manager was similar to that of chief of staff during the old regime of course, but it wasn't what one would call a glamorous position, as its trappings were much different. Glamour was not something one ran across much anymore and any small amount of glamour the positions had held in the past was now gone completely. Still Marta seemed to go about it with great pride and vigor.

Among her duties was that of filling all the senior level house staff positions which were vacant. To this end she lined up a number of candidates for each empty position and additional ones which she would assign support positions. This was an important duty as it was vital that they only had the right types in positions of authority lest the corruption and decadence of old reassert itself or so the party kept saying.

So it was strange that one of the first people she interviewed for one of these open positions turned out to be someone who wasn't quite who they claimed. Marta was fairly certain of it. She went by the name of Carmen Sanchez, but she imagined that before the revolution she had gone by a very different name. Rather than reveal right away that she saw through her ruse, Marta instead went on with the interview as if she had no suspicions, she thought that was the best way to approach things. Perhaps she should have called security, but she didn't.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Story: Mary’s Misunderstanding

This story is largely based on a story written by Derry. I thought it had great potential so I rewrote it and expanded upon his work.

Mary’s Misunderstanding
By Derry
Rewritten by Tcheser

Mary White had been looking forward to this moment for two years. Today her bratty, 22 year old niece, Abigail, was finally getting what she deserved for daring to make sarcastic comments about her only slightly older aunt behind her back. Today, so as to satisfy a clause in her Grandmother’s will, she was becoming a registered ‘returnee’ after all and Mary could think of no more appropriate punishment for Abigail’s insolence than for her to have to become a powerless child once again.

Having signed the the returnee contract and registering under California’s new laws, as Mary understood it, Abigail was for all intents and purposes, now a minor and she was her guardian, due a huge inheritance. The next step was to make it clear to all and sundry that this was the case. So with a huge grin on her face, she dragged Abigail to a clothing shop that specialized in turning naughty adults into children. Mary was a little disappointed in one regard however. She had envisioned taking her new ‘child’ to the restroom and ceremonially scrubbing off all her carefully applied makeup. Abigail however, being a natural beauty with perfect features and skin, hardly needed any makeup and didn’t appear to be wearing any at all today.

Mary wasn’t going to let this get her down though. After showing the proprietor of the store, Ms. West, the signed contract and their identification so they could verify who was who, they began shopping and the older woman proved to be every bit as helpful as she had heard. She had quite a way with returnees it seemed. She just whispered a few words to Abigail and the girl sat down in a little chair to calmly await her fate. Mary was impressed. She had expected Abigail to flip out and run for the door when she found out why they were there, but she seemed completely at ease with the situation.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Story: Particular Woman, Particular Predicament (Part 2)

By Tcheser

“Ms. Myers?” the tired looking field agent hesitantly inquired before entering my little office. It was near quitting time and many of my colleagues at the Child Welfare office were already packing up to leave and he probably thought I was going to turn him away. Unlike my colleagues however, I knew the work day didn’t end until five o’clock, and as long as I was on the clock, I was working. I had learned a long time ago that mine was a long, thankless and chaotic job. If you were to stay sane, you had to stay organized and do things by the book.

“Come in,” I told the agent and swiveled away from my computer so I could give him my full attention.

By that point the agent had fully entered the office and as was often the case, he had with him a child which with he apparently wanted me to deal. From the way he firmly held her arm it was evident to me that the girl he had brought with him had already been quite a handful. She looked like she was between 12 and 14 years old, with messy short brown hair and stood just a hair over five feet. Like many of the children I saw she appeared malnourished and wore only a pale pink t-shirt with frolicking kittens on it. It was both too tight and too short. It barely covered her private parts and as she stood there she nervously pulled at it trying in vain to make it longer.

“This girl here was found at a local hotel, completely nude. She tried to claim she was a guest, but it seems more likely that she is a runaway and was just there stealing food. I’ve tried repeatedly to get her name, but the only name she will give me is Alexis Lords, the name of the guest she was trying to impersonate, so I have no idea what her real name is. She put up a struggle at the hotel, do you want me to stay here while you interview her?”

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” I told him. I had handled some rough customers in my tenure at the office and I was quite confident that I could handle a barefoot little girl who looked like she weighed about half of what I did. The field agent, probably eager to go home as well, nodded and left.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Story: A Marvelous Love Triangle (Part 2)

A Marvelous Love Triangle Part 2
By Tcheser

Adjusting his bow tie in the mirror of a fancy downtown ballroom, Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man, allowed himself a moment to feel good about his recent accomplishments while he waited for his friends and family to arrive. He hadn’t felt this good in years and wished everyone could share this feeling.

It had taken two weeks and lots of pleading on his part, but finally an uneasy truce had formed between Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy AKA The Black Cat. They agreed to be civil to one another for Peter’s sake, but they refused to be friendly. Both women after all wanted Peter and after what they both had recently gone through with the age regression ray; they each felt they had a legitimate claim. Never in his wildest high school dreams did Peter think he would ever have two such incredible, sexy women pursuing him.

And although in general it was important that Mary Jane and Felicia got along as they were both important to Peter, it was vital that they got along this particular night. Somehow despite his usual rather horrible luck, Peter had actually managed to snap a series of photos that were published, and put him in the running for a prestigious photojournalism award. Mary Jane and Felicia both insisted on being at his side during this award ceremony and therefore it was essential that they got along. He hoped against hope that the evening went smoothly.

Peter was going to have to stay on his toes though. He was certain of that. Despite the fact that Felicia was bringing Flash Thompson as a date, and the girls each agreed to behave, there could still be trouble. He was going to have to watch out for them, his Aunt May, and any super villain who decided to crash the event as always inevitably seemed to happen.