Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Story: Too Beautiful (Part 1)

Too Beautiful
By Tcheser

She was far too beautiful for her own good. That was what one Mattie Jenkins thought of her coworker Katherine Mahler. She was just too damn gorgeous. The men couldn’t keep their hands off of her.

To begin with she had a body to die for. A slim 110 pounds, but blessed with more curves then anyone had the right too and though quite petite, she possessed a delectable perfect heart shaped ass and small pert round breasts that defied gravity making the men drool with lust. She seemed to enjoy showing off her body and always wore daring little dresses and extra tight tops. She looked particularly good in red or pink and knew it. Almost all her outfits were in these colors and she never appeared less than perfectly put together.

Likewise her long honey blonde hair was always perfect. It came down to the middle of her back in soft waves and was unbelievably thick, lustrous and soft. Sometimes when she was thinking she would toss it to one side and all the men in the office would drop what they were doing and stare before they rushed off to the bathroom.

She would date not one, not two, but sometimes three men a night. Had she not been so young, the exertion probably would have finished her, but Katherine was a still blossoming young beauty at twenty five. Just out of business school really and diving headlong into the crazy world of finance.

Mattie would date occasionally too, but her career came first and she let everyone know it. She wasn’t an immature selfish little slut like Katherine. She dressed professionally and always had her dark hair in a bun on the top of her head so it wouldn’t distract her or anyone else.

Together they worked at the Welling, Welling and Smyth Brokerage firm. It wasn’t the most prestigious firm, but they had been in business for some time and had made plenty of money. Mattie liked the firm and wanted to stay there as long as she could and before Katherine came along she was certain she would always have a job there. Now that she was working there though, Mattie wasn’t so certain. Mattie believed it was quite possible that Katherine’s slutty behavior could very well reflect badly on the firm and cause trouble down the line. She wasn’t about to let this happen though. She vowed to do something about it and when she saw Katherine flirting with a client Friday morning she decided it was time to act.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Story: Hidden From Herself

Hidden From Herself
By Tcheser

“Angie!” Michael called “Take out the trash, I don’t want to have to tell you again!”

“Okay, okay, I’m going” Angie replied indignantly but hurried to gather up the aforementioned trash from the kitchen so she could take it out of their motel room and down to the dumpster in the parking lot.

“And watch that attitude or someone is going to have a sore bottom,” Michael added as he watched her struggle with the two heavy bags of trash which would have been one bag if she had taken out the trash earlier like he had told her.

“I will, I’m sorry, I’ll watch the attitude,” Angie quickly reassured Michael who looked at her skeptically.

“Okay, honey, hurry back, dinner will be ready soon.” Michael then said with a smile and tousled her short messy hair messing it up even further.

Dismissed Angie hefted the bags and went out the door into the dry heat of southern Texas. Heading down the open air hallway to the stairs she couldn’t help but reflect on how all the things that had happened to get her to this point.

Just a month ago she had been a highly successful gold digger. With her long blonde hair, angelic face and just a little help from some cleverly applied cosmetics and space age undergarments there wasn’t a man alive she couldn’t wrap around her little finger. True they never put a ring on the finger that mattered, but she had no problem keeping them interested long enough to get what she wanted.
This allowed her a very nice lifestyle. She had all the latest designer clothes, drove a luxury convertible, and had a condo on the beach.

Life was sweet...